Add Charm to Your Fashion Statement with Trendy Women Sandals

Aqualite Women Sandals

In today’s contemporary era, sandals are becoming more versatile and suitable than ever before. Unless you be at home all the time, it would be necessary for you to wear sandals of some sort in routine. The designers associated with the fashion world have come up with women’s sandals, which are suitable for every occasion, even for the ones who do not like to wear them.

In this business-oriented world, sandals for women should not contain blister because it won’t look elegant while working. Many women who walk a sufficient distance on an everyday basis, choose comfortable sandals to walk, that’s why they don’t have to open them, again and again, to let the air pass and feel convenient. Nowadays, women prefer to wear lower and fatter heels’ sandals to protect their feet.

Leading manufacturer of womens sandals is Aqualite that proposes with real PU sandals, women’s stylish real PU sandal, and women’s casual real PU sandal.

Women’s Aqualite Real PU Sandals

We have been considered as a major firm who offer superbly performing Women’s Aqualite Real PU Sandals. Made of lightweight PU material, these skin-friendly sandals are ideal to let you appear like a style statement. It is designed properly with strappy detailing. The proposed sandals are perfect for wearing all day long during office hours or outings. Moreover, the sandals are actually durable and can be ordered by choosing the color of your choice whether be Black-Red or Black-Green. It comes in varying sizes to suit perfectly in everyone’s foot.


  • Superb design
  • Attractive colors
  • Utmost comfort

Women’s Aqualite Stylish Real PU Sandal

We are one of the popular enterprises that provide with Women’s Aqualite Stylish Real PU Sandal, which is really high in demand. The proposed design attains the stylish look every modern woman wants. Featuring a classy pattern and water resistant polyurethane sole, these women’s sandals are ideal even for rugged environments and act as a preferred companion for office-goers, commuters, and college students. The bright color and trendy details on the straps make it more value for money. The product is available in varied sizes with an assurance of getting delivered in time.


  • Innovative and stylish straps
  • Super-comfortable heel
  • Highly durable

Women’s Aqualite Casual Real PU Sandal

We are well-known for presenting high in demand Women’s Aqualite Casual Real PU Sandal. The proposed pattern is getting more and more popular due to its versatile and superb performance. Its exclusive design fits perfectly for both formal and casual outfits. Due to its long-lasting polyurethane sole, this model facilitates superior traction on any kind of surface and turns out to be the first choice for whether be college students or be office-goers. The advanced pattern introduces flawless stitching details combining with contrast colors that are suitably selected by Aqualite’s fashion experts.


  • Impressive color combinations
  • Convenient and Flexible
  • Aesthetic and Attractive finish of straps

Women’s Aqualite Real PU Sandal


  • Aqualite Real PU Pl 1171 – Convenient, Stylish and Durable V Shape Slippers for Fashion-oriented Women.
  • Available Colors: Black-Cream, Black-Beige.
  • Available Sizes: 2 to 8