Know all about Loafer Shoes – Different types, how to wear Loafers

loafer shoes

Have you ever seen loafer shoes? If yes did you try to know about its origin honestly it dates to back to America where the local Americans used to wear this. These are actually a type of sleeper which does not need any lace for tying it. Coming to its styles you will get in varied designs, colours. Moreover, these shoes are without any heel. On the top of that, you will see that resemble a shape which is equivalent to mocassins. And these shoes simply go well for any gender and even children can slip on as well.

What are the different types of the loafer shoes?

● Tassel loafers

This kind of loafer follows a style called slip on. Now it is called tassel loafer because the shoemaker company added a tassel on top of the shoe in the form of an embellished lace.

● Moc type loafers

The upper portion of the shoes has stitching that makes it similar to that of the moccasin shoes.

● Apron type of loafer shoes

In this type of shoe, you will see that the leather is cut in the shape of an apron. To make it look decorative the shoemakers attached laces on the forefoot.

● Loafers with high heels

When you are asked to image the loafer certainly you sketch a pair of shoes with no heels or a flat one. However, the women having pump shoes with a bit heel desperately resemble the conventional loafers are labelled as high heels.

● Loafers from Gucci

Gucci is a classic shoemaker. And indeed that is evident from their black coloured loafers with a brass made strap attached. Besides making a name in the men category they are also ruling out the women domain as well.

● Penny type loafer

Way back in 1950 these loafers simply caught up attention. Lately, this is also a fashion statement for the majority of men. Coming to its style it shows a diamond cut shoe with a strap made of leather attached on the forefoot.

How should men wear loafers?

Sometimes men literally get confused with whether to wear the socks or not. But honestly that is a personal choice, if its summer then there is no point in carrying the socks baggage. However if it’s cold outside then you don’t have an option other than wearing socks.

For those who want to have it with socks need to buy the specific ones that go perfectly with the loafers. These socks are invisible from outside thus don’t hamper your impression. In addition to this, you can try the trainer socks. These are amazing because it won’t leave any odour or sweat.

How to clean the shoes?

Just make sure that you should wipe off with antibacterial cotton cloths. Next, you should try out the waterproof spray to retain the shine. To pull off the diet you can use good bristled brush as well. For those with suede loafers should use a specially tailored suede brush or side waterproof spray.

Thus these are facts about the loafer shoes.

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