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Mens Shoes Brand in India

Men’s Shoes Reveal A Lot About His Personality

Working professionals, irrespective of their gender, have multiple roles to play and need to wear different types of shoes. Men are no different when compared to their counterparts and have equal right to look smart and fit for every occasion. One situation is in the office where they need to maintain decorum and the other outside office which asks for decent footwear matching the occasion. At times, a slightly crumpled top can be ignored but not the footwear because it says a lot about the personality.

Whenever two men meet, shoes are the one that catch attention quickly. One glance and both get a hint of how the other person’s way of life. The way he is organized, approaches life and other traits. Shoes give all the hidden info at once.

Shoes for Every Occasion

Women are known to possess many variety shoes, sandals and other footwear in the collection. Today’s trend demands even men to be aware of the situations they need to address and collect shoes apt for the occasions. As a revelation visit Aqualite India on their portal and browse the huge collection on display for shoes in millions of colours and designs you will feel short of reasons not to buy. It is one of the reputed Men’s Shoes Manufacturers that India flaunts.

Do you know how many different types of shoes brand exist and which shoes men wear and on which occasions? Get ready to be amazed as the broad classification is in:

Running shoes, walking plus jogging shoes, exercising shoes, shoes for resistance training, formals for office, sandals for summers and flip flops for home use.

Many enthusiastic men have carved different occasions and they mix-and-match their collection with ease. To help our visitors create something similar, we are presenting the full range in four different categories.


Not everyone loves the laced-up leather shoes. This change of preference was noted by all and now slip-ons are the new standard in formals. Relieving your feet is very easy as you easily slip out and then back in meetings. We have over a dozen designs for you to choose from.

Casual Shoes

Shoes that go anywhere and everywhere and ensure a smart look are in vogue. This category of Casual Shoes in India is the one that includes largest styles including sneakers, loafers and either plain/lace-up leather shoes. On weekends many office goers pair their dresses with casual shoes and when all colleagues do the same there is nobody to question the style quotient.

Sports Shoes

Different soles define whether the shoe should be used either for jogging or weight lifting. Also the running shoes have some sort of mesh to promote air circulation keeping the feet cool. Some shoes have PU sole and others tough rubber sole depending on their purpose. When you choose the right shoes for right task, immediately you can see the difference. The Sport Shoes for Men are tailor-made as per their physical needs.

Rough & Tough for Outdoor Use

Shoes with sturdy overalls are well suited for almost every demanding purpose like Trekking. Known for their sturdiness and withstanding all grueling paths they take the rough with ease under all tricky conditions. Whether climbing mountains or jumping in lakes or participating in river rafting, they are game for all sports activities.

Aqualite India, your one stop shop

We are proud to announce that no other footwear manufacturer can beat us in designs. Hundreds of designs in each category and still growing is our speciality. All we ask from you is to try any of our products once and won’t even retract your steps to your old brand.

After all, why do you think we have got Shah Rukh on board?

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