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Mens Flip Flops Manufacturer

Flip Flops the best way to express freedom

Men don’t prefer wearing shoes all day long. It is true that despite holding any position whatsoever, everyone likes freedom to choose especially their footwear. Many high level people, when working on weekends can be seen roaming around in men’s flip flops and sandals which, they may not even consider wearing in office normally.

Huge Collection of Flip Flops at Aqualite

The beauty of flip flops and similarly designed footwear is that you wear something yet your feet are as light weight as if wearing nothing. When your chosen footwear company Aqualite India has arranged an array of these lightweight and funky flip flop brand collections at why look anywhere else? They are also too light on the pocket and available in dazzling designs and colours. Now where is the need to pick only a few pairs? Just grab them all and have the freedom to wear anyone any day!

Designer Flip Flops to Match Every Occasion

Whenever we look at our shoe rack, we always prefer having footwear for every occasion. Right from the moment we leave our bed and step down on the floor to going back to bed again we have the freedom to select our footwear. Office is something we can’t defy the decorum and wear all that we want, but once outside we make our own rules and behave the way we think fit. Aqualite India has a bunch of designers on board who roam among the masses and keep abreast of all the ideas and needs floating around. Today we have over three dozen different styles of Flip Flops and some of them are so funky, so colourful and cheerful, you will be forced to give it a serious thought whether you should dare to wear them where others just cannot. No doubt Aqualite’s are the best flip flops in India.

Upping the Fun Quotient with Unusual Flip Flops

That is right. Flip Flops are available in many styles you just cannot imagine. From simply contrasting colour flaps to the ones that match bottoms are also available. From a single colour that breaks the bottom’s monotony to the ones where the flap colour is identical to the sole you have all. In fact, you need to spend close to an hour studying all the patterns and designs our master craftsmen have churned out. The designs are so funky, so colourful you may yourself identify the occasion they fit for. Believe us, this exercise will itself entertain you to no end and you will want to return to our website for further ideas.

Look Dapper when teaming up with a Sherwani or Kurta Pyjama

Whenever attending a pooja or a casual friendly get together you most likely wear a Kurta Pyjama. Aqualite’s dazzling range of designer flip flops has at least half a dozen of varieties that up your style quotient and you look dapper too. We are sure everyone around will be impressed with your choice and wait for the moment you leave them before sitting for the pooja (so that they can know which brand you choose)! It will be a hard moment for them to decide whether you chose the attractive flip flops keeping in mind your dress or the other way around.

Easy on Pockets but Flourishing on Never-before Designs

Most of our competitors (read other flip flop manufacturers) spend lavishly on their brand ambassadors and empty their coffers. For them the only way around to get even is by escalating product cost. However, at Aqualite India, we have no such worries. Our production and sales is so phenomenally high we recover all our advertising costs easily and still manage to keep the products pricing intact.

Our cheapest variety is so easy on the pocket; most people just cannot believe their eyes. This is especially true for the designs and the get up our products offer, which our competitors just cannot even dream of. Even others in the collection don’t differ much on price and that is what baffles those on the other side. You can always afford to spend lavishly (even if you buy our entire range, it won’t pinch your pockets anyway) and you can smile all the year long. Thanks to our strict quality control, all of our products excel on the expected working life and you can keep changing your looks for many years to come.

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