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Mens Sandals Manufacturer

Sandals are all year favourites

Sandals are the best choice offering the comfort of a regular shoe and a slipper. In fact sandals come in so many varieties people often spend a lot of time comparing whether to buy a shoe or a sandal. It offers the best of both worlds and usually, if office decorum does not come in between, majority would vote for the sandal no doubt. Some daring males always opt for Men’s sandals no matter who objects.

Sandals are everyone’s favourite footwear. Be it a child, a teenager, a youngster or seniors, packing their feet in shoes is what everyone resents. All these people prefer going out in these light weight and airy shoes. It really is the comfort these sandals, also known as floaters which drags most people toward them. When this is established why go searching markets when all the designs are available on our portal We know it is a boring task for everyone and we just urge you to visit our site and you will find there is no need to move anywhere else. Our exclusive designs and patterns reflect our designers’ abilities and show how efficient and forward thinking designers always are on their toes.

Wide Range of Men’s Sandals at

Our brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan was chosen after a lot of deliberation. His fans love him for whatever he wears or endorses. Aqualite is now one of the most talked about footwear brand in India.

Indian customers are very price sensitive and often discuss about the mileage a product offers. Our sandals, irrespective of which brand they represent, have been tried and tested in all conditions and each one promises to provide best value for money and excel in each and every terrain.

Our sandal range is so diversified, we keep the sole same and keep varying the uppers so as to showcase all designs side by side and you can choose easily. Sandals for men, is one fine example we can forward for your perusal. This technique is applied to almost all of the sandals within the range and suddenly you have millions of sandals to choose from. Add to it the other small variations in colour and imagine how the selection enlarges to. While there is no need to go anywhere else, you can just visualize that manufacturing such a huge collection is not an easy task and no other manufacturer comes even close to us. After all we are India’s leading Sandals manufacturer.

Sandals for Office and all outdoor locations

Shoes almost always emanate a sweaty smell from socks and even if you feel the heat, you dare not remove them in office. It’s best to sneak out of office to take them off and help your feet gain some fresh air. Aqualite is the noteworthy Sandals brand, offers myriad designs ranging from fully open to semi-open or just open to allow air circulation. Now wear them confidently and spend time in any environment without having the need to get your feet out.

Sandals are designed to go with your professional attire and our range includes men leather sandals so that you reach office in style and total comfort. Though we always use quality materials for all our products, these office sandals boast of soft and comfortable uppers which you can wear all day long. Their style quotient is such that it adds a spark to your overall appearance.

Sandals are Apt for Playing

All our sandals pack a punch within. They may look a bit fragile but don’t go on the looks. Sometimes the design demands putting a thin jointer but deep within the strength is maintained. If you are wearing a sandal you can always take part in any physical activity including the football game or a cricket match. Experience the comfort the slits provide when air circulates inside freely. Pair you feet with matching socks and you are ready to wear your sandals at your workplace too.

Sandals Never Get Out of Fashion

At we know people from all walks of life keep looking for sandals all through the year. For this very reason we have different brands like Airwear, Eva, Real-pu and Leads--the best sandals in India, created especially to interest everyone. Each one has some distinct style associated and it meets the needs of the discerning age-groups styles.

Visit any college campus and you see how interesting combinations students create and wear. In winters they team sandals with thick woolen socks not bothering about the strong surface winds. As winters recede the socks thickness keeps receding and ultimately they wear the sandals without socks. But the sandal fashion keeps lingering on and on.

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