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Mens Slippers Manufacturer

Slippers are the easiest to wear and enjoy the comfort of an open shoe. Slippers for men are one of the most important necessities for men around the world. Shoes are compulsory in every office and almost invariably everyone hates them. Everyone hates the way our feet are tied unnecessarily for 10-12 hours including the travelling time. People always try to sneak out of office citing different reasons, just to untie their shoes and allow the feet to freshen up. But once done, they are reluctant to again put the feet into the same prison. So the big query is why to punish your feet wearing the shoes all day around when you can up your style by trying this awesome collection of Men’s Slippers at We are among the chosen slippers manufacturer and produce some of the best slippers in India.

Slipper Collection is a must at Every Household

Every household normally has 3-4 persons and the shoe racks would easily afford 10-12 slippers. Slippers are the favourite footwear to slip on and move out of house for some nearby place. Everybody likes to spend time with their slippers and the outlets decide the type of slipper you will wear. For example when going to the bazaar or going for morning stroll will always need a different pair of slippers.

People may call them differently and have funny names based on the local dialect, like Chappals but the purpose remains the same. Aqualite knows all these reasons and have also included this naming convention in their repertoire as many customers while shopping ask by this name only. But as an enlightened user you can simply visit our site and select all that fit your needs and wishes and take home and observe how your shoe rack glistens. And by the way, when you visit our site you will find that along with slippers for men, there are sandals, formal shoes and casual shoes for men, women and kids. In fact it is a full storehouse for all your footwear needs. Just imagine the impact of your style on all your colleagues would be when they see you wearing these designer slippers.

Funky Range of Slippers for Men Available Online

Aqualite has 5 slipper brands to choose from. They are Airwear, Eva, Ultra, Real-pu and Leads respectively. Each one is styled as per their brand specifics and fulfills all their conditions. The Ultra branded is introduced recently and has five different styles but the rest has 15 strikingly different styles to choose from. You just need to select a classification button and all the slippers appear in an instant. You can even mix and match the brands and surprise yourself. In fact, browsing the whole store on internet is what everyone does today and save them from unnecessary travel and fatigue.

Slipper Style is Ageless

Shoe designs may come and go but Slippers and flip flops are here to stay throughout. All the guys who do not believe in packing their laces for a short outing should be exploring the best slippers and flip flops available online at Many users look at the wrong place and complain about the non-availability of slippers. This is because visitors often miss on the navigation and reach elsewhere. Be sure to understand the classification correct and find your chosen slippers with ease.

Rainbow of Colours to Choose From

Our slippers are available in a mirage of colours and shades in varieties like Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Tan, Grey, yellow, Beige, Red and sometimes Pink. The term VIBGYOR applies totally to our range of men’s slippers. Some of our customers are so fascinated by our choice of colours they invariably write a letter of appreciation saying our designs forced them to think many times and to finally give in.

The cool designs and patterns with different shades always keep your style quotient a notch above in every season. Trendy and comfortable men’s slippers always keep in vogue and refuse to die down in men’s talking circles.

Best Designer Slippers at Affordable Price Tag

People usually pour all their money on designer outfits which are purchased for any occasion. However, while doing so, most are left with very little money to match something for their feet. Fortunately, has the best answer. The affordable price tag relieves you from thinking twice before either stepping in our showroom or browsing our website.

Be it a Nehru Shirt or Sherwani, you will always find a matching slipper at our outlets. Visit once and see the complete range of all types of shoes.

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