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INR 199.00/-
INR 199.00/-

Women's Shoes Brand

Today’s modern women shoulder all responsibilities equally with men, in all spheres. It is rare to find an all-men office though you can find all-women offices easily. Women working at all posts flaunt shining bellies that simply show off their confidence and gels with their posts. Aqualite is proud to admit that most women prefer our shoes while travelling to offices and other official events.

Whenever women talk about their bellies or ballerina’s, they don’t brag about a single piece they have but an entire set of designs they can flaunt everywhere. The simple reason being, they come in myriad colours, designs, cuts, colours and types. Despite all these designs, whenever the bellies offer comfort, it is an added bonus. Owning just a single pair of bellies is just next to impossible.

Huge Variety of Closed Shoes

Aqualite knows women’s preferences and their love for closed shoes. It is obvious we need to introduce much more variety in all sizes, shapes, colours and small design variations. We are proud to say that from different designs to various sizes, we have them all. You can choose the perfect pair for any occasion from our vast range.

Please note that under women’s casual closed shoe range we have different types of laced and slip-on shoes on offer. In both sub-types, with different material we have created varied shoes. But we can assure you one thing: both the types of shoes are totally comfortable and we have cut no corners in any way. We assure you that your confidence in us is always justified.

Where these bellies can be worn?

Women can wear the closed shoes on almost all occasions. When travelling officially or in hotels or auditoriums they can wear heeled bellies for that exquisite look. While roaming around at a casual outing with girlfriends, you can lay your hands on a pair of women’s closed casual shoes in a sunny shade to go with your outfit to create a quirky look.

Aqualite is on the road to introduce over a hundred designs of women-oriented ballerina’s in an array of colours and styles that match with every outfit ever designed. The new designs are also styled with heels and very high heels and you will see them displayed at a fashion week in your city. As per the latest feedback available for fashionable ladies, we are also asking our designers to work on coloured heels and different soles for different feet types.

Breathable Bellies in the Offing

We have received lots of requests for breathable bellies as many offices suffer from power cuts. Though the bellies are open types and feet can be easily removed, yet ladies are asking for breathable variety. We are inviting suggestions from all over India and incorporate them in all our future designs. We have received good feedback and are compiling them into one big database and soon you will see the designs online.

Women’s shoes are very popular and daring women also carry them in their work places. Bellies are available as closed and open-toed as well and soon aqualite is proposing to introduce the high-heeled ones. We want to emerge as the most talked about brand and everyone will see this happening in the near future.

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