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Our flip flops are a must have for every woman’s footwear collection. These flip flops ensure a comfortable and a totally stylish look for every occasion. In local lingo, these are also called Chappals and come in a huge variety of designs, colours and materials. Except for wearing in offices, these flip flops can be worn with any kind of outfits including traditional, ethnic, casual, western and if the dress permits, like the Khadi kurta pajama, then even parties are cool destinations.

Taking cue from the late artist M.F. Hussain, who always walked either barefoot or on flip flops, some women did appear on TV wearing our footwear. That was a flattering moment for us. That said, no one officially stops anyone from wearing flip flops in offices, and it depends on every individual.

At aqualite we understand Indian women’s needs and we have crafted our flip flops accordingly. They can withstand a full day’s job when standing, crouching and even for using in wet places like washrooms and wet muddy roads especially after a good rainfall.

Innovation Never Stops at Aqualite

Our designers have just introduced breathable belly shoes which are an instant hit. Women simply love the airiness they provide. Taking cue from this feedback we have added two sandal types in two stark colour combinations. The soles are soft but tough and designed to take on the rough of women’s daily grinds.

The recently introduced Ultra Lite-28 & Ultra Queen-55 flip flops are the most lapped up designs to date. They are so different and appealing that our stocks keep depleting frequently we have to make special arrangements for their extra production. You can always depend on aqualiteindia.com for new designs that appeal to all age groups.

For a wholesome shopping experience visit aqualiteindia.com

For all modern and progressive people looking for a nearby shop is old fashioned. Today everyone prefers visiting company websites and browsing the entire range and decide on the spot which shoes to purchase.

Why only flip flops, our website displays all that we have under one roof: formal shoes, sandals, slippers, flip flops, bellys and sports shoes in myriad designs and colours. The range is almost unending and you may take time to adjust yourself assimilate them.

Trustworthy Aqualite Speaks Volumes of Quality

Our over a decade experience speaks volumes of our quality and innovation. Nowhere else you can find so many designs in all footwear that we manufacture. Our loyalists have applauded our workmanship and provided positive feedback which has worked wonders. We are sure once you try our products, you will stay with us forever. At aqualiteindia, we aim for impeccable quality and long life of all our products.

Style Suggestions

Most of our flip flops are just right not only for daily chores; they can be worn with casual denims, formal trousers, ethnic wear and almost everything. It all depends on your outfits and what you think that gels with them. These designer flip flops give a cool appeal without making anyone look underdressed or overdressed for any specific occasion. These designer flat flip flops give a cool appeal without making anyone look underdressed or overdressed for any specific occasion.

Times are changing and so are the views of modern people. Even footwear manufacturers have come a long way from producing normal, boring dual coloured flip flops to designer ones, with multiple colours and matching designs. The flaps have also changed and only a thin margin separates these flip flops from others like sandals. Courageous women flaunt these at many places with aplomb.

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