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Kid's Flip-flops


Ultra XL-06
INR 76.50/-
Ultra Junior-07
INR 72.50/-
Ultra Junior-505
INR 109.50/-
Ultra Junior-504
INR 109.50/-
INR 199.50/-
INR 279.50/-

Kids Flip Flops Manufacturer

Kids simply love flip flops and they usually love the click clack sound they make. Normally we all instruct our kids not to make noise while walking but they seem to love it and purposefully do it. Well, it is their age and we just cannot help them enjoy all of their childish activities.

At we have manufactured many flip flops that kids simply love to push their feet into. The attractive bright colours and matching designs of their favourite cartoon characters catch their attention and they just cannot resist wearing them at once.

The Kid’s Own Section at

Along with Men’s, Women’s sections we also have a kids section where we have showcased footwear in four categories: Flip Flops, Shoes, Sandals and Slippers. There are hundreds of items under each category and we are sure that once you introduce your kids to this section they will get engrossed for no end and hungrily mark all the footwear they like.

High Quality at Affordable Prices

Most of our competitors are surprised by our price range as we have kept our overheads less and pass all the benefits to our customers. No doubt, our prices are almost two-thirds of what others charge and it is no wonder our customers grab more than what they usually do with other brands. Our impeccable quality means our products last much longer than what our competitors can even think of. Our entire range is made on latest imported machines and we use the best of materials which are nontoxic and totally safe for your kid’s tender skin.

Designs, Designs and more Designs

Your kids will love the almost endless scrolling webpages that contain the thousands of designs. Each design is unique and is available in various colour combinations in colours and materials too. For example, the product AL-631 comes in two distinct colour combo and each one is in bright and almost luminous in appearance. We know choosing a single product is slightly troublesome as each one is lovable.

Aqualite: Where Comfort and Style Run Parallel

Our footwear ensures a comfortable and a totally stylish look at all occasions. We always keep an eye on latest trends and try to amalgamate with best of the materials for that comfortable wear. They match with each and every outfits including traditional, casual, western as well as party wear and on the basis of design aesthetics. Our craftsmanship is impeccable and the designs are trendy and eye-catching.

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