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Kids Sandals Manufacturer

Aqualite knows India is a hot country and this hot season stays for around 8-9 months if not more. Kids, once they are through with their schools, seldom stay at home and in cool environs. At the earliest opportunity, they spring out of their homes and start playing whatever they fancy. Kid’s moms know ins and outs of their lads and hand out a condition: never leave home without a proper pair of sandals. Yes, sandals because that’s the apt way to keep the friction heat dissipate quickly keeping their kid’s feet cool.

Sandals’ Utility Never Fades in India
No one likes to wear the heavy shoes, except where you cannot argue. However, for all other situations sandals are the choice of public. In addition, yes, even children, especially kids are part and parcel of the population and even they feel the same way. Moreover, when produces hundreds of eye-pleasing items that catch kids’ eyes, then why not? After all, not only the playground, but kids also go to the nearby bazaar, attend parties, weddings and other activities that involve physical exertion. Who does not want to look smart and be one up amongst their friends? Great looking sandals from are the only answers that kids look for. 

Sandals Match Every Child’s Modern Dresses
Today children wear all sorts of dresses not only for fancy dress competitions but to look smart and hep. There are different situations and they need footwear that matches well. Our sandals come in hundreds of colours and designs that children often find one that gels perfectly with their outfits and carry the image with ease. At we have tons of sandals in all possible colour combinations and styles that children just love to pick them up and then dream of getting an outfit which matches their latest acquisition. Well, we salute today’s kids who easily outsmart their parents. 

Sandals are the footwear of choice for Monsoons
Wet roads, wet mud all around and kids are bound to indulge in the wetlands and spoil their shoes. But removing sandals is easy and just a wipe and they are good to be worn again. This is so much convenient without interrupting the fun quotient. In fact, in addition to wearing sandals in summers, wearing in monsoons also makes great practical decision. 

Visiting’s website is a must!
Our website highlights footwear for all including Men, Women and Kids. No one is left out and there are separate pages for all and in different categories as well. For kids, we have Sandals, Flip Flops, Shoes and Slippers. We are sure, once your child visits our site, he/she will be engaged for hours as they can easily browse, enlarge and rotate his chosen item from different angles and choose what is right. We are also bringing an option to purchase online at your own convenience. 

Right Style at Fantastically Low Price
We have caught public’s pulse very correctly. All our footwear are fantastically priced and in fact they are at least 20-30% lower than most of our competitors. Established players often wonder how we can price them so low despite the fact that our brand ambassador is Shah Rukh Khan. Well, we don’t interfere in their thinking but want to emphasize that for us, your convenience and satisfaction is far more important than filling our coffers. 

The Reason Why Our Customers Always Pick Us
Our representatives always keep in touch with our target customers: kids. Our interaction helps us gain insights on what they think and what they need and then our designers start working and produce the designs kids simply lap them up. Well, we just want to assure we will always be on our toes and keep producing amazing products forever.
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