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Slippers are one of the most important wearable in every household. Even kids know that walking barefoot, no matter at home or outside is troublesome. Not only has the dust robbed your skin of essential oils making it harsh it sometime even blood oozes out. Moreover if you raise your feet for any reason, they make for an ugly look. The best way out is to wear slippers, flip flops or any other footwear for that matter. Wearing any form of footwear ensures your feet are always soft, bereft of any cracks and looks good.

Huge Collection of Slippers

Forget the boring twin coloured slippers we grew up with. Today aqualite has put up a huge range of attractive and interesting colourful combos of slippers your kids can never imagine. Available in almost all hues and designs and patterns it will be tough to decide which one to grab and which to leave. Just one glance and the kid will traverse to a different space altogether dreaming about how he could impress others with his collection.

Our website has three sections Men, Women and Kids and each have their footwear divided in four clear categories namely: Slippers, Sandals, Shoes and Sports. Each category has thousands of varieties in all hues and designs and it is aimed to amaze you. We are sure you won’t have seen such a large display of choices for you to choose from. One visit to our website and you would get hooked and never wander to other online space again.

Great Designs at Affordable Prices

We promise you will have a great time browsing our website. We ask you to visit not only your section but others too and you are bound to be surprised at one aspect: the prices. Most of our competitors are amazed at the prices we have put for our products. We know our prices are very competitive and are at least one-third less than others yet our products, viewed from any angle look professional. Be it the moulding or stitching, everything looks impeccable. Why pay more when you can get better quality and attractive design at

Kid’s Slippers Help Form A Good Habit

Good habits are inculcated from childhood and aqualite is proud in this endeavour. Introduce your kids to our full range of slippers and surely they will grab with both hands and when they fall in line, unknowingly they have formed a good habit that will stay with them for their lifetime. With so many colourful options in front, why stay back? Let your kids go online, check our website and grab all that meets their fancy. A good beginning surely puts them on the correct step forward.

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