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Kids Shoes Brand

Kids have a world of their own and the only exception is the time they spend at their schools. Their size keeps changing every now and then and even after a few months their taste also changes. Though their choice is limited by the school’s uniform guidelines they have no alternative and continue to live their stipulated scholastic time obediently.

But once home, they show their liberated minds and impress their parents on their wishes and keep pushing hard for getting their choice possessions. Whether using the shoes for playing around or visiting some marketplace or attending some weddings, they have their own choice of shoes.

Aqualite has many designers on board for creating attractive moulds for these special customers. The emphasis is to create some items that should be eye-catching and fun to use and play with. With hundreds of designs and many more in the pipeline we can assure you, the parents that once your ward is on our website, he will be delighted beyond words and spend endless hours grabbing all that he can lay his hands on.

Great Designs with Minimal Pricing

Aqualite’s website has a special kids’ section wherein we have arranged the footwear in four distinct categories: Shoes, Flip Flops, Sandals and Slippers. The shoes section contains both formal (for schools) wear and casual wear whereas no such boundaries exist for the rest. All items are designed with kids in mind and observing the cartoon characters they follow and try to imitate. We are sure, once you bring him to our website, all he can do is exclaim with joy and mark all his collection.

Great Formal Shoes

We know the designs are approved by various schools but we assure the parents that we have given proper attention to all that goes inside. We employ high quality materials, soft absorbent pads, smooth & silky threads for stitching and ample support for ankle in all shoes. We understand that kids do not behave and pounce upon every opportunity to jump, slip and make merry. All our shoes have good support from within and made to withstand all naughty situations.

Sports Shoes in All Hues and Patterns

We are proud to say that most companies take cue from our designs and produce almost duplicates. We also know that once your kid browses our collection, he will always stay with us and wait for new arrivals section to fill up. The trendy designs, in funky colours and myriad shapes will surely catch him unawares and he will focus on our shoes very closely.

Like many showpieces in our homes which serve as talking points, your kid will engage with his friends with his prized possessions. Your kid will argue on whose footwear is best and when compared side by side will always win against his counterpart.

Trendy Designs that Steal Your Kid’s Heart

The shoes, including sports shoes have been made after careful thinking. In all schools we have introduced our shoes; they have won many a heart. This experience emboldens us to make this statement that our shoes will steal your kid’s heart too. If you feel your kid’s heart has other thoughts, you can send your feedback and we assure you of prompt action.

The colours used are so unique and less talked about, any kid for that matter instantly thinks seriously about the variations and weaves a definite world around it. We assure you this is just the beginning and you can expect more funky designs to make their appearance on our website.

We aim to design a kids’ world and will leave no stone unturned to make it happen.

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