About Us

Walking tall with India’s leading footwear brand

About Us

Walking tall with India’s leading footwear brand

Across India, Aqualite is today one of the most admired and trusted footwear brands known for its manufacturing excellence. It enjoys an enviable reputation of being a leading brand that lays the utmost emphasis on innovation, comfort and quality. In fact, Aqualite is a pioneer in the open footwear category that empowers the Indian masses with topnotch quality footwear at the most affordable prices. Headquartered in the national capital, Aqualite also stresses on comfort in all its products. Moreover, the brand is well known for the designer hawai chappals it creates.

The company is on a quest to ensure profitable growth by adhering to the highest standards of quality and comfort in footwear. In fact, to achieve its goal of providing quality footwear for the average Indian at affordable prices it is focused on building a culture of operational excellence with fair business practices.

Style and fashion are not neglected either. To create the most trendy and stylish footwear, Aqualite employs a highly experienced and talented team of designers. The company’s world-class design centre is equipped with advanced CAD and CAM software to aid the process of creation and the design team follows the most contemporary shoes designing forecasts, and keeps pace with upcoming changes as per the fashion in trend. Aqualite also has a Feet Research Institute that is involved in research that helps create the most comfortable footwear.

The Aqualite success story

1981 was the year The Aqualite Group came into existence. The brainchild of Mr. D.K.Gupta, Aqualite was set up with the avowed objective of becoming a world-class footwear manufacturing company.

The sole objective of this company was to create a range of high-quality contemporary footwear that would set benchmarks in comfort, affordability and style.

This objective was easily achieved by the team of talented professionals who created eye-catching footwear in a diverse range of designs, patterns and colours.

Aqualite CSR Activity

Whilst Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] is a compliance obligation on every Corporate, falling under the given criteria of Sec-135 of Companies Act, 2013; However, here at Aqualite the philanthropy philosophy “Serve back to the Society” works more prominent when it comes to the CSR, over and above the compliance obligations.

Having said this, Company does following key activities to fulfil its CSR Obligations

Daily Food distribution to underprivileged children at special schools, meant for taking care of special children/ orphan kids etc.

This foods gets prepared under most hygienic conditions under direct supervision of Aqualite Staff at the Factory Canteen, which is well equipped with most modern cooking equipment’s/ apparatus to ensure quality of food and its hygiene conditions while serving to the kids.

Company owned Van takes this food everyday for its appropriate distribution at the designated centers.

Company has also formed a Charitable Trust in New Delhi with the name of “ Chameli Devi Charitable Trust” Diagnosis and Treatment Center , w.e.f. 01st June’2020, with an aim to provide Basic Medical service to vulnerable part of society at free of cost.

Formation of this trust, including but not limited to Construction of Building, its Maintenance, on-boarding Qualified Doctors, Nurses, installation of basic medical testing devices, creation of adequate dispensary etc., to provide basic diagnosis and treatment to the patients coming from proximity is done by the Company. Company also takes care for its day to day running operations as part of CSR policy.

Over and above this, Company do give one time Donation for many social objectives case to case basis.


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