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Design-cum-Innovation Center

Footwear design is an important element of the footwear manufacturing process. A pair of well-designed aqualite shoes can speak volumes about the person wearing them. The designer’s job is made more challenging by the fact that every design is a personal choice and can rarely be extrapolated to a wider audience.

At Aqualite, every product is carefully designed to primarily ensure maximum comfort and safety of the user. Our designers are creative experts who are involved in the entire process from ideation to production. Every aspect of the design such as comfort, durability, stability, purpose, health and safety of the wearer’s feet, and aesthetics is thoroughly researched and tested before a prototype is created.

Materials for making uppers, insoles, outsoles, heels, etc. are carefully selected and obtained from responsible sources. The designer’s talent lies in his ability to infuse the raw materials with strength and stability, add vibrant colours and delightful patterns and create a beautiful, yet functional object.

Innovative techniques, processes and designs are a constant process at Aqualite. Our team of experts is constantly trying to bring about enhanced procedures by adopting the latest innovations in footwear manufacturing technology to ensure maximum comfort and style to our customers. We also try to understand the social, cultural and demographic situations prevailing in our country and come up with innovative solutions that need to focus more on functionality rather than style. For example, our unique offering for the hard-working Indian women who earn daily wages or work in fields is called Ultra Queen Health. We have specially designed this keeping in the mind the rough conditions that these women work under and have given more strength and durability to this product.

New Product Development

New products and designs are regularly developed at Aqualite to stay relevant and up-to-date with the changing desires of our customers. We take customer feedback very seriously and like to stay a step ahead of our competitors by enhancing our product line, based on their suggestions and thereby enhance customer engagement.