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Kid's Shoes


With the emerging fashion trends especially in the past 10 years, footwear has become a matter of great concern for both Indian kids and parents. Aqualite as one of the most reliable and formidable School Shoe Manufacturers in India produces best sports shoes for kids and also DIP Shoes Manufacturers.

Simple yet stylish, these high quality aqualite shoes from the company are a perfect addition to the footwear collection of your kids. You can explore from a wide range of trendy colours and even kids’ favourite cartoon character designed on them. You can pair these kids shoes with any kind of outfits such as jeans, shorts and even a T-Shirt.

As one of the reputed manufacturers of branded sports shoes for kids, Aqualite boasts of having ultra advanced laboratories attached to each of its state-of-the-art manufacturing units to conduct comprehensive tests on raw materials, in-between-processes and even finished products. With these highly stringent quality controls in the production area, Aqualite has built an unsurpassable reputation amongst its huge customer base in the country as well as abroad. The procedures that Aqualite follows in its manufacturing combine a suitably perfect blend of both synthetic and hand-picked natural rubber stuffs.