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AL-211 B

Rs. 169.50/- Available Colors

AL-211 C

Rs. 169.50/- Available Colors


Rs. 159.50/- Available Colors


Rs. 159.50/- Available Colors


Rs. 159.50/- Available Colors


Rs. 149.50/- Available Colors


Rs. 71.50/- Available Colors

Men's Flip Flops


Aqualite as one of the most formidable manufacturers of branded flip flops for mens, has made a name for itself in the national and global markets through energetic and distinctive designs as well as the vibrant use of eye-catching colours. Best flip flops for men by Aqualite are not only great for everyday use but also perfect for wearing around the house as they are the best alternative to slippers. Whether you are going to local supermarket or for a light stroll in the afternoons, you will surely grab admiring glances at your ultra smart but casual footwear.

You can choose from a comprehensive range of branded flip flops for mens that are well known to offer comfort par excellence at an affordable price tag. The variety, high quality, design, smart use of colour variations, and continuous efforts for improvement are what make Aqualite the best flip flop manufacturer India.

kept pace with times by producing innovative and trendy sporty shoes that not only offer high level of practical comfort, but also long durability. In the new-age design and innovation centre established by the company, the designers always keep focusing on improving the quality of the products the company deals in. All these attributes together make Aqualite one of the best PU Shoes Manufacturers as well as DIP Shoes Manufacturers in India.