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Mission & Vision


To build a culture of operational excellence with fair business practices, and play a key role in providing quality footwear for the average Indian at affordable prices.


To realize profitable growth through technology, innovation, efficiency, superior customer service, quality and commitment and become a world-class manufacturer of quality and affordable footwear.


At Aqualite, we have identified some core values that define who we are and what we stand for. Every employee at Aqualite is encouraged to imbibe these values and be the value ambassadors for the company.

    • Integrity:

      Whether at work or elsewhere, we believe that all our actions should be conducted with honesty and integrity.

    • Customer Focus:

      All our endeavours are focused on giving the customer complete satisfaction and happiness. From designing to manufacturing and after sales service, our attention is completely focused on our customers.

    • Creativity:

      Creativity and innovation are highly prized values at Aqualite, and they are reflected in all our products.

    • Motivation:

      We appreciate motivated people because they create a positive energy which enhances productivity and leads to better customer delight.

    • Team Spirit:

      Footwear manufacturing is a team-led activity. Therefore it is important to boost the morale and team spirit of every employee.

    • Sustainability:

      We endeavour to inculcate sustainable business practices because we believe that we should always give back what we receive from our environment.