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Quality & Testing

Testing of footwear components is important for ensuring the technical soundness of the materials used. Testing is also a mandatory procedure for obtaining various quality certifications. Our footwear testing laboratories house a comprehensive range of footwear tests and footwear test equipment for assessing the performance and safety of materials, components and finished footwear. Our testers carry out various stringent tests on the materials used for making soles to ensure their durability under the harshest of conditions. Soles are tested for flexibility, durability, slip-resistance and several other physical, mechanical and chemical factors.

Footwear manufacturing is a complex process that requires the involvement of a number of interconnected stages that have to be traversed before the final product is ready. At Aqualite Shoes, every stage of the manufacturing process is monitored by a team of highly qualified quality assurance managers. Quality control is an intensive and specialized process that starts from pre-production, and goes all the way to the shop floor. Even the shaping and design stage is as closely monitored as the final product.

Footwear are checked for workmanship, flaws and damages, matched pairs (Colour, size, etc.), etc. The packaging is also checked for incorrect labelling, damage, size, and other factors

Certifications and Standards

We have obtained all the necessary certifications and standards for all our products to ensure compliance with Indian and Global manufacturing specifications.